Talking Tech 11th July 2017

July 11, 2017

Some Comments on three products that I have been looking at:

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

This keyboard replaces the Apple UsB keyboard with Numeric Keypad: i.e. this keyboard does Bluetooth and lightning connection to a Mac.

All VoiceOver functions including the VoiceOver Keyboard Commander work with this keyboard on the Mac.

VoiceOver on iOS works fine with this keyboard when connected via Bluetooth.


The Kapsys Smart Vision 2 Android Smart Phone with Numeric Keypad We had Sam Taylor on from Pacific Vision a few months ago, but actually getting your hands on a product is different and I’ve spent a week or so playing with the Kapsys Smart Vision 2.

This is the Smart phone that is based on Android and gives the user both access to either the touch screen or using a physical numeric style keyboard with extra keys to navigate the Kapsys interface.

What stood out for me the most were:

Inserting the SIMM card very easy,

Starting up and setting up the phone very easy with speech, Good responsiveness of the touch screen, Ease of navigating with the DPad on the physical keyboard, Entering in Alpha/Numeric characters with using the T9 system on the physical keyboard, Answering/hanging up a call by pressing the appropriate answer or hang up button on the keyboard, Dedicated OK Google physical button, Simplicity of adding applications to the Home Screen of the Kapsys interface, Ease of use by typing in first letter of app from the physical keyboard to jump to the app within the Application screen, Using the FM radio in the phone, and The Maps app with clock directions when exploring a route: i.e. 12 straight ahead, 6 behind, street name at 3 etc.


My Recent Podcast on the new Beats Pill Speaker


I recently did a podcast on comparing the new Beats Pill to the older version, and either one of them has some good and bad points.


My Ongoing Attempt to Convert my home in to a Apple Smart Home Kit Home


I have no got 10 Eve Energy switch’s for turning various items on/off such as lamps, electric blankets, fans, and heaters, Now with scenes I can turn on or off grouped items now such as house lamps on or off, boys lamps on or off, heaters on or off, and leaving and arriving home events.


iOS 11 public beta


I’d still suggest to folks not to put iOS 11 public beta on your primary device.

For me I’ve done this and I have had to use my work iPhone to use apps like my Fitbit app as it will not currently work with iOS 11.


If you really really want to give it a go, this article from Macworld will get you started:


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