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Talking Tech 31st March 2020

Talking Tech 31st March 2020

March 31, 2020

CoronaVirus Info


Before getting on to the  resources.


 There is a new feature on the Vision Store Shop webpage.

At the top, Live Chat with Us button where you can chat with a staff member about products during opening hours 8:30 to 7:PM Monday/Friday EST.


the best way to shop or order is via the website or email

Quantum RLV for Aussie customers needing to work from home,are offering a 90 day license of JAWS, Zoomtext or Fusion - call 1300 883 853 or email


If you are in Australia, have a print disability or are blind or low vision, sign up to the @visionaustralia IAccess Online Library service for books, magazines, and newspapers (can access on smart phones/tablets) -




Australian Government Health Page


CoronaVirus Aussie Health App






Australian Government on what’s App


Are you on WhatsApp?

Message +61 400 253 787 or go to in your web browser to get #COVID19 information you can trust from the official Australian Government chatbot.


Whatsapp is available from the Apple Store or Google Play.



Apple’s cOVID-19 Screening Tool


Blind Citizens Australia to offer Zoomn Catch Up Happy Hours for Blind or Low Vision Community


Details on Their FaceBook page.


News Article


FaceBook Page for BCA


Accessible cOVID-19 Statistics Tracker


Zoom Cloud Meetings Android and iOS App Links (plus main site for Windows and Mac)






Zoom Cloud Meetings Website


Resource - Zoom Keyboard Commands All Platforms


How to Use Face Group Time Calls





Talking Tech 24th March 2020

Talking Tech 24th March 2020

March 24, 2020

A bit of news from CSUN 2020 Conference, and some podcasts from me (David me smile).


Some Info Coming Out of CSUN Latest Conference


Just a personal note from me and my own opinion, why on earth couldn’t this be a virtual conference or at the very least be cancelled, it is not just about the people that attended, but the community they are returning to.


New Devices from APH


Braille displays: Chameleon 20, Mantis Q40,

Embossers: PicBlaster, and PageBlaster.

Magnifier: Juno.


Code Jumper from APH/Humanware


Envision Smart Glasses Pre-order


Orbit Plus, Orbit Writer, Orbit Reader - 40 Braille Display, and Graphiti.               bargains.php?m=21591


Blind Bargains Who Did Decide to Attend the CSUN Conference will be having upcoming Audio interviews over the upcoming weeks, check them out at:


Aira Dropping the Horizon Glasses


Two Podcasts from me:


A tip on setting the alarm or sleep timer on the Accessible Radio from Vision Australia.


If you happen to have an older device or even a current one that does not support Bluetooth, this little plug in adapter in to the 3.5mm head phone jack while allow your device to play to a Bluetooth device such as a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Talking Tech 17th March 2020

Talking Tech 17th March 2020

March 17, 2020

Various cOVID-19 Tech info and resources


Apple Closes All of It’s Apple Retail Stores Outside of China Until the 27th of March


Whilst the Apple retail stores will be closed, you can still access Apple online for shopping, and of course the Apple Helpdesk.


Apple’s Australian main Webpage:


Apple Store for iOS:


Best way to shop for Apple Products.


Some Movements with Upcoming Tech Conferences


Apple WWDC 2020 to be a Virtual Conference


A great decision by Apple to move the WWDC 2020 conference to a virtual one.


The Microsoft Build conference will also be going virtual, but it appears as if the Google Io Conference is being cancelled.


Online Tools to Keep in Mind for Keeping in Touch


Zoom seems to be the most popular online conference system at the moment, and is fully accessible.


Of course, our good old friend Skype.


From Microsoft as well, we have Microsoft Teams which is also accessible.


From Apple, we have FaceTime which can also be used for FaceTime Group calls.

FaceTime is pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.


Two Very Helpful Video Assistance Services That Use Your Smart Phone Camera


Be My Eyes Free), and Aira (up to 5 mins for free).  Both run on either iOS or Android.


Be My Eyes Android app:

Be My Eyes iOS app:


Aira Android app:

Aira iOS app:


Help desks from Apple, Microsoft, and Google (plus Vision Australia AT Help Desk)


Apple - 1300 365 083.


Microsoft - 1800 280 300.


Google - via the Specialist section within the Be My Eyes app.


Vision Australia  Assistive Technology Help Desk - 1300 847 466.


Also, lets not Forget Online Shopping


Both Coles Online and Woolworths online are excellent.


Coles Android App:

Woolworths Android app:


Coles online iOS app:

Woolworths online iOS app:


Speaking of Online Stores - The Vision Store


If your worried about being out and about and you still want to get stuff from Vision Store, remember our shop at:

Talking Tech 10th March 2020

Talking Tech 10th March 2020

March 10, 2020

Accessible Power Bank from the AT Guys


This power bank both uses audio tones and vibrations to let you know about the charging state of the power bank, and if devices plugged in are actually charging.




Podcast of the Accessible Power bank


Be My eyes Announces Funding to Carry on Their Work


Aira Tech Corporation Acquired by Southern California Investment Group


Cash Reader Main Way to Read Aussie bank notes


This seems to be the only iOS or Android app to read current bank notes, particularly on iOS.


 NvDA 2019.3 Released


13 Letters Podcast By Be My Eyes


This episode and the following episode on Mike Shebanek and his work at Apple including bringing Voiceover on the Mac in to reality.

Talking Tech 3rd March 2020

Talking Tech 3rd March 2020

March 3, 2020

Code Jumper Now Launched in Australia


In this weeks Talking Tech, Stephen caught up with Anne Durham from the American Pritning House for the Blind (APH) at the Launch of Code Jumper at the VA Kooyong office 27 Feb, and spoke to her about APH itself and what Code Jumper offers to the educational market in teaching blind or low vision students coding.


The evening before, APH along with Humanware and Vision Australia, also did a webinar on Code Jumper in Australia.


Code Jumper on the Vision Australia Online Shop


Website for Code Jumper - documentation, and curriculum:



Talking Tech 25th February 2020
Talking Tech 18th February 2020

Talking Tech 18th February 2020

February 18, 2020

A chat About the Canute from a User Perspective


We have Eden Kizer on the show to give us her experiences  of using the Canute.

Quantum RLV will be bringing the Canute in to Australia, and should be available in March.


Samsung Announced Last Week There New Samsung Phone Series


The Samsung S20, S20+, and the S20 Ultra.

As always, more camera power, better screen, and larger battery.


A reminder of the Vision Store and the AT Help Desk Operating Hours


Both the Vision Store and AT Help Desk are available up to 7PM EDST Monday to Friday on 1300 847 466.


My Thoughts on the Belkin Portable Tablet Stand


Recently purchased this stand, in some ways I like it, and in others I don’t.

With the ScanJig as I learned not being available any more rather than the stock from Amazon, thought I’d better do a demo on the Belkin Portable stand.



A Point About Power Banks and MacBooks in Particular


I just purchased a power bank which besides being able to charge my iPhone and iPad, also can charge my MacBook Pro UsB C MacBooks.


Speaking of Power Banks, Purchased a Petrol Generator


Never thought I’d own a petrol generator, but the hassle with the recent black outs on the Central Coast of NSW, I now have an easy to use and fairly cheap Petrol generator.

2 power points, 12v connection, 10AMPS, will charge phones, tablets and Macbooks, will also run fridge etc.

Got this from Bunnings Warehouse, Ozito Inverter 2500W Generator $499.

Talking Tech 11th February 2020
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