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Talking Tech 11th May 2021

May 11, 2021

A Follow-up About AirTags and Privacy


I think the bottom line is, yes you can initially track where the AirTag is, but if it stays away from you, there will be a notification to you or others near by.


My Demo of Setting Up and Using an AirTag


Setup and initial demo.


A Quick Review of the Echo Dot 4 Generation and Echo 4 Generation


Excellent sounding speakers, love the shape, and the buttons are even easier to find on these round models.


Sonos Roam


Physical description of device.

Quality of sound.

How it is controlled.

App, Alexa, Google, Airplay 2, Bluetooth.

Great accessibility of the Sonos Ap.


Vision Australia Vision Store Exploring Tech Webinar with David Woodbridge - Braille Solutions


Now up on the Vision Australia Youtube channel.


Orbit Writer is now back on the Vision Australia Vision Store


This is the very portable, 5 BT and 1 UsB connected device Braille input keyboard: excellent for data entry and navigation for iOs, Android, Windows, and Mac.


A Reminder, If you have a Smart Phone, You can use it as a Video Magnifier for Reading Print


This goes both for Google/Samsung, and Apple smart phones or tablets, just search for magnification or low vision and you should fine more than several.


iOS Microsoft Sound Scape, Now with the  Current Location Button


Don’t know how long this button has been there, but getting proper location with Suburb is a lot more meaningful when you are on a train using Sound Scape rather than just what street or facility is near by.

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