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Talking Tech 13th April 2021

April 13, 2021

Whoops, A Belated Happy Birthday to Apple April 1 1976


On Apple’s Birthday each year, I always tend to look back fondly on my first Apple computer which was an Apple IIE: CPU and keyboard in one unit, single floppy disk drive, and a very tiny monitor. For access, I used an Echo synthesiser, TextTalker software, and several talking programs like WordTalk.


Tech Friday for Newcastle April 2021 - Smart Home Tech


Andreas, Rebecca, Ray and I share our smart home tech we use plus some other suggestions.


Video Link:


Exploring Technology with David Woodbridge - In the Kitchen low and High Tech


In my latest Exploring Tech Webinar for March, in the Kitchen, Alex, Tony and I share low and high tech ideas for working in the kitchen.


Video Link:


Product Video from Me - Victor Reader Stream


In my continuing product video series on my favourite products from the Vision australia Vision Store, this one is a mini get up and going with the Victor Reader Stream which allows you to play daisy books, take recorded notes, read documents, listen to podcasts and radio stations online.


Video Link:


Vision australia Vision Store product link for the Victor Reader Stream:


Code Jumper Now Available on the Android Google Play Store


Code Jumper which is the physical series of pods to teach the concept of block programming for students available from APH and developed by Microsoft, now has it’s Code Jumper software available on Android, not just Windows 10 computers.

Tip - like Windows 10, your screen reader (Talkback) will speak out of the Hub speaker on Android as the Code Jumper Hub which the pods are connected to acts as a hBT head set.

Whole setup works extremely well.


Android Play Store Link to Code Jumper:


Vision australia Vision Store Product Link for Code Jumper hardware link:


Code Jumper website for All tutorials, Curriculum etc:


Smart Tab Plus



The new way to find items from Samsung.


How to Find 3rd Party Accessories Using Apple’s Find My


3rd party support for Find My Items Tab in Find My from Apple, still no sign of AirTags.


All the Best Head Phones for Working at Home in 2021


This article which goes through a variety of head phones is just a good reminder what is available and at different prices.


How Often Should One Shut Down Their iPhone


Looks like at least once a week.


The Latest Trade in Deals for Apple Devices in Australia


The old story, the longer you wait to trade something in to upgrade, the less the trade in price is. However, I think having a backup to your iPhone by keeping an older one around is still a great idea.

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