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Talking Tech 14th July 2020

July 15, 2020

In this weeks show.


Assistive Technology  related podcasts: 


Want some podcasts to listen to that are Assistive Technology related, here are a number to choose Fromm.


Find myself starting to use the following for getting through long podcasts lately: chapters if available, checking episode description, 3 times speed, skipping forward by set amount or in case of too much off topic chat just using the time slider.


You can search for any of these podcast titles in your fav pod catcher such as Overcast, Downcast, Castro etc.


13 Letters,




Assistive Technology Frequently Asked questions,


Assistive Technology Update, 


Blind Abilities,


Blind Access Journal,


Blind Bargains,


Dot To Dot, 


Double Tap Canada,


Echo Tips,


iSee - Using Various Technology from a blind persons perspective,


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RNIB Tech Talk,


Sight And Sound Technology Podcast,


Talking Tech Vision Australia Radio,


Tech Doctor Blog And Podcast,


That Blind Tech Show, 


The VACast Podcast From The Vision Australia Vision Store,


2021 Bursary’s Now Open


That time again for folks to put their applications in for the next round of Bursary Awards from Vision Australia.

Remember this year, applications have to be in by the end of September.


Arkon Pro HR8RV29 Phone Stand


One of the better stands I’ve used for OCR, videoing products, and participating in video meetings.

Extremely adjustable and easy to use.

Blurb on the Arkon website states it is great for folks who want to demo what they are doing in the kitchen, craft room or live streaming folks who want to show off a gadget or two, and I’d have to agree.


My Thoughts on the Mantis Q40 and Chameleon Braille displays


Looks like the Mantis Q40 (40) cell Braille Display with QWERTY keyboard will be available from Humanware in the first week or so in August 2020.  No mention when the Chameleon with it’s 20 cell Braille Display and Braille Input keyboard will be available.  Both same software offering connectivity to 6 BT devices and 1 UsB connection for Windows, Mac, and iOS: no mention of Android connectivity as of yet.


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