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Talking Tech 16th June 2020

June 16, 2020

My Review of the SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset


Main notes:


UsB head set.

Comfortable fabric style head band with soft over the ear cups.

Mute button.

Retractable microphone.

Master volume on headset.

Windows or Mac detects two sound cards (Game and Chat) which can be used separately.

Volume controller to adjust volume of either sound source: equal, or either one louder or softer.

Dedicated UsB cable port on head set going to volume controller which then plugs in via standard USB to the PC.

3.5mm head phone jack on left ear cup (plug directly in to PC 3.5mm or other device such as a victor Reader Stream.

Adapter cable for end of main cable that plugs in from headset to volume controller to allow this cable to be plugged in to a PC etc as well (do not recommend this as cable is a pain to get back in to the volume controller USB port).

Around each ear cup rim, different light affects can be shown controlled either by Windows or Mac software (this software also controls sound of the music).  The software is not required to use the headset.

The software is quite messy to use under Windows, and I couldn’t get it going at all on the Mac.


My demo of the Arctis:



Amazon page for the SteelSeries Arctis 5 Gaming Headset:


The Last of Us II - Blind/Low Vision Review of this PS4 Workstation Game


Not quite out yet, but this review looks extremely promising especially from a blind perspective.


An Interesting Finding at Aldi, reusable Silicon Cable Ties


Usually with cable ties, once you have done them up you have to cut them to get them off.  With these ties, you simply twist and slide the connecter rubber slot off.


Here is an example of such a thing via amazon as well:


Recent Update to the Sensibo AC controller iOS app as of June 10 Makes it More Accessible


You can now use the Mode, Fan, and Temp controls now in the app with VoiceOver.


The Orbit Writer PC/Smart Phone Companion (Braille keyboard) is now Available for Pre-Order


Compact small Braille input keyboard, works with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc.

Now available for pre-order from the AT Guys for $99 US.


Just an article Link to Get Us Warmed UP for next Weeks WWDC from Apple


What to expect and not to expect at WWDC 2020.

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