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Talking Tech 16th March 2021

March 16, 2021

CSUN, Not That Exciting After all


I didn’t pay for the conference, but only attended the Exhibit Hall.

Website for getting to exhibitors could have been done better, seemed to have a maximum of 100 people in a Zoom Room, sometimes got wait for host to admit you to the room which never happened etc.

Other exhibitors just had pre-recordeed videos you could watch.

Overall a bit disappointed.

Like to hear what you thought, as always, send your feedback to:


Newcastle Tech Friday for March 2021


Using QR codes, LIDAR, Lookout for Android, Audio Description, Apple Pay, and other discussion points.


Voice Control on iOS Using VoiceOver


Voice Control is very handy on the iPhone with VoiceOver.

You do get better results if you use head phones.

Turn on Voice Control in Settings, Accessibility, voice Control.

You may need to set Voice Control Language to United States rather than Uk in Voice Control Settings.


Podcast demo of using Voice Control with VoiceOver on the iPhone:


Handy Voice Control Commands:


What can I Say? (Need to use VoiceOver to read screen.


Go To Sleep,

Wake up,

Go Home,

Go Back,

Scroll Left, Right, Up or Down,

Open App Switcher,

Open Notifications Centre,

Open Control Centre,

Open AppName,

Open Siri,

Open Spotlight,

Tap or Press NameOfControl,

Turn Up Volume,

Turn Down Volume,

Repeat X Times,

Search for ItemName,

Command Mode,

Dictation Mode,

VoiceOver Select Next Item,

VoiceOver Select Previous Item,

VoiceOver Activate,

VoiceOver Read All,

VoiceOver Stop Speaking,

VoiceOver Select First Item,

VoiceOver Select Last Item,

VoiceOver Select Status Bar,

VoiceOver Magic Tap,

VoiceOver Select Next Rotor,

Voiceover Select Previous Rotor,

VoiceOver Select Next Rotor Option,

VoiceOver Select Previous Rotor Option,

VoiceOver Item Chooser.


HomePod Discontinued, Apple Focusing on HomePod mini


The original HomePod never got a hardware update since it was first introduced in 2017, and I think the bottom line was it was to costly compared to other smart speakers on the market.

Really does make more sense for Apple to focus on the $149Au HomePod mini.


iOS 14.41 ReleasedFix’s Mantis Q40 Connection Issue


According to APH, the Mantis Q40 connection issue has been resolved.

Along with this of course, a fairly major security bug also got squashed.


BlindDrive - New Exciting Game for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows


Exciting new game game for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Fully self voicing once you enable Accessibility mode on iOS or Mac, haven’t tried Android or Windows.


Podcast demo of BlindDrive:




Vision australia  AT Help Desk


Just a Reminder you can contact the VA AT Help Desk on 1300 847 466 or via

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