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Talking Tech 17th March 2020

March 17, 2020

Various cOVID-19 Tech info and resources


Apple Closes All of It’s Apple Retail Stores Outside of China Until the 27th of March


Whilst the Apple retail stores will be closed, you can still access Apple online for shopping, and of course the Apple Helpdesk.


Apple’s Australian main Webpage:


Apple Store for iOS:


Best way to shop for Apple Products.


Some Movements with Upcoming Tech Conferences


Apple WWDC 2020 to be a Virtual Conference


A great decision by Apple to move the WWDC 2020 conference to a virtual one.


The Microsoft Build conference will also be going virtual, but it appears as if the Google Io Conference is being cancelled.


Online Tools to Keep in Mind for Keeping in Touch


Zoom seems to be the most popular online conference system at the moment, and is fully accessible.


Of course, our good old friend Skype.


From Microsoft as well, we have Microsoft Teams which is also accessible.


From Apple, we have FaceTime which can also be used for FaceTime Group calls.

FaceTime is pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.


Two Very Helpful Video Assistance Services That Use Your Smart Phone Camera


Be My Eyes Free), and Aira (up to 5 mins for free).  Both run on either iOS or Android.


Be My Eyes Android app:

Be My Eyes iOS app:


Aira Android app:

Aira iOS app:


Help desks from Apple, Microsoft, and Google (plus Vision Australia AT Help Desk)


Apple - 1300 365 083.


Microsoft - 1800 280 300.


Google - via the Specialist section within the Be My Eyes app.


Vision Australia  Assistive Technology Help Desk - 1300 847 466.


Also, lets not Forget Online Shopping


Both Coles Online and Woolworths online are excellent.


Coles Android App:

Woolworths Android app:


Coles online iOS app:

Woolworths online iOS app:


Speaking of Online Stores - The Vision Store


If your worried about being out and about and you still want to get stuff from Vision Store, remember our shop at:

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