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Talking Tech 1st June 2021

June 1, 2021

Zoom Podtrak P4 Demos


Here are all of my initial Zoom Podtrak P4 demos on my iSee website (direct links) for this excellent multi-track recorder, mixer, and audio device.


First demo using the Podtrak P4


Description of the Zoom Podtrak P4


Recording iPhone or other devices in to the Zoom Podtrak P4


Using the Sound Pad menu on the Zoom Podtrak P4 to change Sound Pad sounds


Using the Files Transfer menu on the Zoom Podtrak P4 to easily transfer sound files to/from the P4


Using the Files Menu on the Podtrak P4 to play back and delete recordings


Google IO 2021 Event Recap


Android 12.

Tweaks fro ware OS with a Ware OS Fitbit (remember Google brought Fitbit), and Ware OS coming to Samsung Watch’s.


Update to Google Maps.

As its a dev developer conference, a lot of other items, read the link below.

No hardware announced.


Audible and Credits


We all know that you can’t buy books within the Audible app on iOS (as you can on Android), but you can use your existing credits to get books.


Interview with Andreas Buchmueller (Access Technology Consultant) from Vision Australia Newcastle


We find a bit about Andreas, and what he does as an Access Technology Specialist in Newcastle in NSW.

We also asked Andreas being sighted himself, how he keeps up with software and hardware for blind or low vision given that he doesn’t use this software or hardware himself.

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