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Talking Tech 21st April 2020

April 21, 2020

In this weeks show, David catch’s up with Tony Wu from the Vision Australia Vision Store to talk about the IrisVision - wearable video magnification .

It has been designed to bring those with low vision life back into focus with their surrounding environment and restore their independence by allowing them to perform tasks for near, intermediate or distance; whether it's viewing the garden, reading the newspaper, seeing friend's facial expressions or observing what is for lunch today.

The new IrisVision 8 offers better and improved software and hardware features and capabilities compared with the previous model. 

The new hardware includes:
- Utilising the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, provides the user with an better live image quality. Therefore allowing you to potentially see the world with greater clarity and sharpness.
- Improved customised designed VR headset which allow for easy operation of the IrisVision software.

The new software platform allows for exciting new features such as:
- Taking and saving photos in a gallery
- IrisReader mode which scans for text and reads it out a loud to you
- Operate the unit using Voice Commands and Google Assistance
- Stream YouTube videos (requires Wi-Fi connection)


We also catch up on the exciting pre-order announcement of April 17 2020 of the iPhone SE 2 which is a lower cost modern iPhone in a classic frame: i.e. 4.7 inch screen, Home button, and Touch ID, with the insides of an iPhone 11.  Starting at $749 Australian.


If you are looking for a new Macbook, remember the starting price of the new MacBook Air 2020 which has the same excellent keyboard to that of the new MacBook Pro 16, function keys rather than the Touch Bar, Touch ID, and the upside down capital T cursor cross.  Starting at $1599 Australian.

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