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Talking Tech 24th March 2020

March 24, 2020

A bit of news from CSUN 2020 Conference, and some podcasts from me (David me smile).


Some Info Coming Out of CSUN Latest Conference


Just a personal note from me and my own opinion, why on earth couldn’t this be a virtual conference or at the very least be cancelled, it is not just about the people that attended, but the community they are returning to.


New Devices from APH


Braille displays: Chameleon 20, Mantis Q40,

Embossers: PicBlaster, and PageBlaster.

Magnifier: Juno.


Code Jumper from APH/Humanware


Envision Smart Glasses Pre-order


Orbit Plus, Orbit Writer, Orbit Reader - 40 Braille Display, and Graphiti.               bargains.php?m=21591


Blind Bargains Who Did Decide to Attend the CSUN Conference will be having upcoming Audio interviews over the upcoming weeks, check them out at:


Aira Dropping the Horizon Glasses


Two Podcasts from me:


A tip on setting the alarm or sleep timer on the Accessible Radio from Vision Australia.


If you happen to have an older device or even a current one that does not support Bluetooth, this little plug in adapter in to the 3.5mm head phone jack while allow your device to play to a Bluetooth device such as a Google Home or Amazon Echo.

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