Talking Tech 25th April 2017

April 24, 2017

3 Podcasts from me over the last few weeks:

Find my iPhone to Find my AirPods

In this demo,  I show you how to locate your AirPods in the house by using the Play Sound feature in Find my iPhone.

Talking Typer comes to iOS

This is amazing with the arrival of Talking Typer on iOS from AFB previously only available on Windows.  In this demo, I take you though using the app using a Bluetooth keyboard, and it really does feel like you are using the Windows PC version.


Swift Playgrounds Lego demo

A follow-up to my Swift Playgrounds demo on the iPad Pro using VoiceOver.  In this demo, I give a good run down how I use Lego to allow people to get a tactile view of the visual world grid.

AccessWorld April 2017 Edition

Two articles of note: a catch up on CSUN 2017 and a comparison of some Braille displays from HIMS.

App brings movie  Cinema experience to the Blind

This app is a great way of delivering audio described content to a movie playing in a cinema.

Susan Bennett reveals more about Becoming the Voice of Siri

This lady is the voice of Samantha I believe for iOS/Siri.  Interestingly the voice of Karen for iOS/Siri  sounds more the same.


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