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Talking Tech 28th July 2020

July 28, 2020

In this weeks show:



As of iOS 14 Beta 3, BackTap is Now Available on iPhones with a Home Button


This is what I’ve been waiting for, to use Back Tap on my iPhone SE or iPhone 8: i.e. 1 finger double or triple tap on the back of the iPhone to perform System or VoiceOver functions.


Vision Australia Podcasts are Now Available Via Spotify


Great to see podcasts from VA Radio now available on Spotify including Talking Tech of course smile.


Checking Out the Withings Thermo Smart Temporal Thermometer


Easy to use, and whilst the app is not 100 percent accessible with VoiceOver at least, it does work for checking your temperature.  Here is a link to my podcast page or you can get it on my iSee podcast feed:


Apple Shop link where I purchased the unit from in Australia:


Jumpy Cat - A Free Inclusive Fitness Coach App


Great concept for having your work outs custolmised to what you need and works with VoiceOver on iOS.


A List of Bluetooth Speaker Recommendations that Allow Routing of VoiceOver back to iOS


It has always been a challenge to find out what Bluetooth speakers allow you to get VoiceOver to go back to your iOS device, rather than having both media and VoiceOver play on the Bluetooth speaker.  This forum from Applevis gives some recommendations on Bluetooth speakers to use or avoid.


At Vision Australia, we still sell the Amazon 2nd Generation which does let you split media and VoiceOver for an excellent price of $20.00Au which not only gives you a BT speaker but a smart speaker as well.


BT Speaker Forum


Vision Store link to the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation for only $20.00:


Acoustic Probe - Light and Contrast Detecter


Rather than having to get your smart phone app to run a light detector app or if you don’t have a smart phone, this is a nice and easy way to tell if you have lights on if your blind, a gadget is on or detecting on what side of a bit of paper there may be writing.


PlayStation 4 and Last of Us II



The Last of Us game for the PS4 was released in June this year, and I promised myself when there was an accessible game for the blind that I could play on the Play Station that I would purchase the console.


So, this week I have both the PS4 and the Last of Us II accessible game turning up from Amazon and I will let you know how I go over the next weeks.


Apparently for both the PS4 to speak and the game, I have to have my language/region set to the US, so we’ll see how it goes.

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