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Talking Tech 30th June 2020

June 30, 2020

Talking Tech for June 30 2020


Catching Up with Some Stuff from WWDC 2020


iOS 14 App Library, Widgets, Sound Notifications, 1 finger twice/thrice tap on back of iPhone, and Apple Watch OS 7 Braille Display support.


My Demo of using a Braille display on the Apple Watch S3:


A First I Believe, an Audio Described version of a Keynote, in This Case the Apple Keynote WWDC 2020


Apple’s new Apple silicon Macs Won’t Support Bootcamp


Intel chips will still be around for a while, and who knows what VMWare is going to do with Fusion to run Windows in a virtual machine (at the moment, they need to rewrite their code).


As of Sunday June 28, Audio Description Comes to the ABC and SBS


This is free to air only in case you were wondering.


CNIB Foundation offers a Free book for Toddlers to Understand iOS


A great starter document that you can request fro free from CNIB for teachers, family etc to get their 3 to 8 year olds up and running with iOS on an iPad.


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