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Talking Tech 30th march 2021

March 30, 2021

O’dear, Another Security Update for iOS, This Time IOS 14.4.2


Guess Apple is keeping all the bad people out.


Blind and Low Vision Australian’s Shut  Out Off COVID Vaccine Finder Website - Article from the Guardian


Honestly this doesn’t surprise me, and whilst there are automated test systems to test for web compliance, you need humans to do the real test.


A $15 US Remote Replacement for the Not So Good Apple TV Siri Remote


Yes, buttons and no touch screen what so ever.


Calls TV Series on Apple TV Plus




A haunting Scifi TV Series in the vein of the Twilight zone based around seemingly random phone conversations with only audio wave forms on the screen: fully Audio Described.

Very much like watching a radio Scifi drama back in the day.


Apple TV Plus Official Trailler of Calls


Anyone Else Having Issues with Hand Off Between iPhone and HomePod


Oddly enough at the moment, I can hand Off between my iPhone Se 2020 and my HomePod by bringing the iPhone close to the speaker, oddly this doesn’t work on my iPhone 12 Pro.


A Note About The New Talking Bathroom Scales from Vision Australia


I received mine last week and noticed 2 things that the manual states and which seem to be incorrect:

The unit takes 2 AAA battery’s not 3, and

There is no actual button to change units of weight measurement (actually no button).

I also had to chuckle in the manual under Care the following line:

Do not drop or beat the device.


Mac OS X turns 20


Amazing it has been around for 20 years, but still good to note that VoiceOver did not actually appear until 2005, and before that with System 9 for the Macs, there were no screen readers.


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