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Talking Tech 6th April 2021

April 6, 2021

Read Aloud and Immersive  Reader in Microsoft Edge on the Mac


Really like using the feature, press F9 to strip out all the code of an article and just leave the text (Immersive Reader), and use Shift+Command+U to launch Read Aloud.

Read Aloud is great especially with the Microsoft Online Natural Sounding Voices.     


Apple Announces WWDC 2021


The next World Wide Developers Conference will be held on the 7th of June in the US.

The OS’s will be announced for developers as usual and who knows, we might get a hardware announcement as well.


AirTags from Apple Still Coming


Speaking of announcements, AirTags are still a sort of rumour. However, in the Mac OS Big Sur beta that I am using, the 3rd Tab in Find My has Item, which I’m assuming is all about keeping track of your Items using 



Feedback About my Issue with Hand Off Between HomePod and iPhone


Looks like I’m not alone, 3 other people have reported the same issue that I have and that older phones concluding the iPhone SE 2020 worked, but their iPhone 11 and 12 didn’t.


How To Adjust Siri’s Volume on the HomePod or HomePod mini


Thought I actually knew how to do this, but I was incorrect.

say to Siri Increase or Decrease Speaking Volume or Speak At Volume 50 percent to adjust Siri Voice volume on HomePod or HomePod mini.


Another Siri Tip


Enabling Type To Siri on Mac or iOS under Accessibility comes in handy in the middle of the night when you are using your Mac, want to use Siri, but don’t want to get caught by your wife speaking out loud smile.


In iOS 14.5 Beta 6, Siri Gets New Voices and won’t default to Female


Users will now be prompted to choose what voice to use, this change also extends to the Mac. All part of Apple’s diverse and inclusive design.

The link to the article below has a sample of all of these voices plus explaining the changes.


Microsoft Shuts Down Cortana app for iOS and Android


Well that is officially it for using Cortana on iOS and Androin, the apps are no longer supported by Microsoft.


Apple Fitness Verses Google Fit Apps


This article explores why you may want to use Google Fitness which only became available to iOs users recently, even though it has been around for 6 years on Android.

Of course, if you are an Android user, this the Google Fitness app is pretty good indeed.

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