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Talking Tech 9th March 2021

March 9, 2021

A Reminder that the CSUN COD Tech Conference 2021 on this Week


As we spoken about last week, the free Exhibit Hall is open from Wednesday to Saturday our time in Australia with the hours of opening being up to 2PM Sydney time, giving us a civilised time to attend.

All you have to do to attend is to register, and again, it is free.


New Vision Australia Talking Microwave


Simple to use with only 4 buttons, 15 volumes, and best of all it is only $600.


Product Shop Page:


Video Demo of Features and Benefits


Arkon Kitchen, crafting, videoing etc smart phone Stand


This is now available in the Vision Store by phone order at the moment, my best stand I’ve used yet and keep using.

Product ID is ES0115.


Vision Store Youtube Channel


Here is the direct link to the Vision Store Youtube channel where all my product videos are including the demo of the New Vision Australia Talking Microwave, and my Exploring Tech Monthly Webiknars.


Exploring Technology Webinar - Apple Accessibility and Beyond


The Feb 24 Exploring Tech Webinar with David Woodbridge - Apple Accessibility and Beyond - is now up on the Vision Store Youtube channel, here is the direct  link:


Next Exploring Tech Webinar with David Woodbridge - In tThe Kitchen


Alex and myself will be going through low and high tech stuff for you to use in the kitchen.


Registration page:


Demo of Using Airdrop from Mac to iPhone and iPhone to Mac


AS I am doing product videos for work, this is how I get the videos from meh iPhone to my Mac, and more often than not, when I need to read articles on my Mac, I usually sent them to my iPhone to read.

This demo is exactly about this process.


Comments on my new Braided Solo Apple Watch Band


There are two types of Solo Bands: the Solo Band, and the Braided Solo Band.

The Solo Band is the cheapest, very much like the Sports Band, whilst the Braided Solo Band almost reminds me of the Sport Loop with the Loop and Hook.

Having one continuous band for my Apple Watch that I can just slide on and off is very convenient.

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