Talking Tech 10th July 2018

July 10, 2018

A Quick Comment from David and Stephen about reaching 5 years in doing Talking Tech, and what type of technology they were using 5 years ago.



Aira News


Aira has been very busy, here are some of the latest news.


  1. Partnership with FVo.


  1. New feature - Messages.


  1. New feature - Live.


Some of My Experiences Using the Aira Smart Glasses


  1. Finding the front taxi on a taxi rank.


  1. Staying in a motel and finding out the correct package that contains the coffee.


  1. Visiting the VA Kooyong office for the first time, and locating the toilets.


Hopefully the Customer Service from Aira will be on the improve as some listeners have contacted David and reported non satisfactory support from Aira outside of the actual AGent support.


Pacific Vision


  1. Mini Vision Phone.


  1. BrailleSense Plaris Mini


  1. QBraille XL (coming soon)


  1. Buzz Clip


FlickType Is Now available as a System Wide Keyboard


Besides using the actual FlickType app, you can use FlickType as a system wide 3rd party keyboard now: very very nice.


Talking Tech 3rd July 2018

July 3, 2018

An Article from Applevis - Initial Impressions from Jumping to Mac OS from Windows 10


Since I’m having a bit of a go at Windows 10 again from a Mac user of solid 6 years at home, thought I’d stick in this article about a new user going from windows 10 to the Mac.


Some of My Thoughts on Live Listen in iOs 12 beta


This really does work amazingly well.  If you are using iOs 12 beta, you turn Live Listen on in Settings, Control Centre, customise and tick on Listen Live.  Of course, you’ll need a pari of AirPods to listen.


Demos from Me on Using Two HomePods in Stereo


A Note About Setting up the Apple TV 4k


Seeing Assistant Home Lite Comes to Android


Airfoil - The Perfect way to Make a Multi Roo Speaker system


Access World for June 2018


Talking Tech 26th June 2018

June 26, 2018

Talking Tech for June 26 and July 3 2018


What I am Doing With the Tech Hub Fridays for the next Several Weeks


A Reminder About the 30 Percent Off sale in the Vision Australia Store Ending June 30 2018


Heads Up for the New AT Helpdesk Coming Towards the end Of July


Low Cost Braille Displays with Basic Note Taking  Function


We forget sometimes that you don’t need a full blown Braille Note Taker like  BrailleNote Touch, BrailleSense or ElBraille, sometimes its fine to just have a Braille display with basic note taking functions.


Orbit Reader 20 (not quite here),  BrailleMe (not quite here), Focus 14, and Brilliant BI14 (still not quite here smile).


Haven’t mentioned This For a Long Time, but the MountBatten Is Still Going Strong


Jonathan Mosen’s New Book - The Secret Source of Savvy Search


Chat About Windows Narrator on a Surface Pro


Yes, just ;purchased myself a Surface pro tablet, and have to say I’m quite impressed with both Cortana and Narrator.


Windows 10 Insider Build 17692 Windows Experience Blog with New Features Coming to Narrator


Narrator is to get a new keyboard layout similar to other screen readers, this is fantastic news.


Talking Tech 12th June 2018

June 12, 2018

Some Comments on iOS 12 and Mac OS 10.4


Since everyone else seems to be talking and demoing the iOS and Mac OS betas, thought I’d give you one feature from each which is really impressing me so far.


Live Listen


This sounds very exciting for those of us who find it hard to hear people talking in noisy environments.


Home app on Mac OS Beta


This is something I’ve been waiting for, at last I can control my Home Kit devices now directly from my Mac using the Home app which has been ported over from iOS or of course use Siri.


I Noticed that There are More Games on Google Home in Australia



Just ask Google Home/Mini “What games can I play?” And get a good list to choose from.


If Your Using Aira with your Smart Phone Camera - A Neck Lanyard May Help



Since we’re still waiting on the Smart Glasses to be available in Australia, the neck lanyard is a good idea to be able to use your Aira app on your smart phone hands free.  Below is the link to where I purchased mine for only $12.


Travelear - Listen To the World with 3D Audio


Amazing free app which lets you experience via 3D audio different experiences in the world as if you travelled there.  I particularly like the London Underground train trip.


Using HomePods as multi-room speakers or as a Stereo Pair


AirPlay 2 Commands in iOS 11.4


With Airplay 2 now here, I thought it would be handy to have a list of the commands you can now use.


How to Play to HomePod Without a Wi-Fi Connection


This tip is handy as you don’t have to have your HomePod connected to a Wi-Fi network.


Talking Tech 5th June 2018

June 5, 2018

In this weeks episode, Stephen and David discuss Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) which took place on the 5th of June: yes David had to get up early.


David talks about the goat videos the were show, highlights of the new betas of iOS 12, Apple watch os 5, TV os 12, and the Mac OS.


If you would like to here a full discussion of what took place at WWDC 2018, David joined up with Robert and Alison from the Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast to do an hour run down of the conference.


Overcast link to the Tech Doctor podcast follows:


Just remember that this is all beta software and we’ll not see it on the shelves as it were until Spring in Australia.


Talking Tech 29th May 2018

May 29, 2018

In this weeks program, Stephen and David speak with Kevin Phelan (Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing) from Aira who provide remote assistance by audio/video utilising an app in a smart phone with its camera or smart glasses attached to the smart phone.


Kevin speaks about the company, how the technology works, using the Aira app, and how to subscribe to Aira as a Guest free (Site Access Sites)  such as Vision Australia or subscribe to a monthly plan to use the service with a smart phone or smart phone with glasses.


After downloading the app on Android or iOS, you can make an Agent Free Call to learn how to use the service as a Guest or to sign up to use the service as an Aira Explorer including setting up your profile.


After accessing the AIRA app as a Guest or full Explorer, you will have access to the rest of the apps functionality.


Currently the service operates from 9PM to 3PM.  After July, the service will be offered 24 hours a day.


To sign up for AIRA or to find out more, use the following link:


 1800 765 096..



Talking Tech 22nd May 2018

May 22, 2018

Round-Up from Google IO


Robot calling human called Duplex,

Google Assistant getting 6 new voices (US language only),

Smart compose for Gmail based on Duplex,

Google Maps and AR with visual position (pointing the correct way when walking),

Google News,

Robot manners encouraging children to say please (similar to Alexa),

Tackling tech addiction with a new Android Google Dash Board to monitor your phone usage (this may be coming in iOS 12 as well for Apple),

Navigation bar similar to iPhone X for such as taking users between apps  and the home screen.


Accessibility at Google IO


Covering new accessibility options in Android P listening, Accessibility menu, Lookout app for blind low vision, selected speech wnow with OCR and new Accessible API’s, accessibility testing and accessibility scanner to check accessibility, user research for example Android will allow users to adjust vibration level on screen due to user research by Google, Voice Access will be coming out of beta, Google to release accessibility options in the Android Accessibility Suite as one package.


Google’s Assistant 6 New Voices


To me they sound a bit creepy smile.


Google in Australia now can give you NRL, and AFL Games, Scores etc.


You can now check when and how your fav team went when it is going to go in the NRL and AFL in Australia.


Announcing LookOut - Helping people who a blind Find Out About The World Around Them


JAWS and Firefox V60 now All Good Again


Ray Pearse App Update


Ray discuss’s a few apps that he has been testing over the last few months.



How to Subscribe to Jonathan Mosen’s Daily Fibre Show


Besides catching up with the Daily Fibre when it is aired, you can now subscribe to a podcast of the show.


Talking Tech 15th May 2018

May 15, 2018

Vision Australia and Aira Launch Aira in Australia


Upcoming Themes at the Vision Australia Tech Hub in Parramatta with Tech Fridays


I will be running a series of themed Tech Friday events up until the end of June.


18 May - fitness and health tracking options.

25th of May - reading book options.

1 June - getting the most out of the iPad.

8th of June - using the various smart speakers.

15 June - using the various smart assistants in smart phones.

22nd of June - getting the most out of the Mac.

29th of June - recommended Android and iOS apps.


Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2018


About GAAD can be found at:


Event pages for GAAD can be found at:

Items Released around Microsoft Build Conference


Just a note, Microsoft is making it clear it doesn’t care if your using iOS, Android, Mac or Windows, it just wants you to utilise its software services.


5 Biggest Announcements from Microsoft Build


Microsoft your phone,

Microsoft layout,

Hay Cortana meet Alexa,

Microsoft running your meeting, and

Ai for Accessibility.


Microsoft Launching 25 Million Dollar AI Program for Accessibility


Trailler for the Microsoft Film - re-imaging Accessibility


Film for Microsoft on Global Access Awareness Day.


Today in Technology film from Microsoft - The History of Braille lives on


The History of Screen Readers  and How to Make your Windows Application Accessible by Doug Geoffrey


JAWS and Firefox V60 now All Good Again