Talking Tech 21st November 2017

November 21, 2017

Seeing AI Now Available in Australia


Great this excellent app has now come to Australia with all of its camera functions: short text, document scanning, bar code, person identification, and scene preview (what the camera view is).

I’m finding Short text works great for quickly finding out the text on shopping items etc.  The less useful is the scene preview which gets things waring on. A regular basis.

Person identification is great, but until we can start wearing glass’s that does this (so some extent like the Orcam) I don’t see the need for this.


Orbit News


Finally, we have units at Vision Australia which will be field tested by staff and identified library customers.  Sales should start at the end of Jan 2018, but they are really here now.


Home Pod


Well looks like no Home Pod to put under the Christmas tree, Apple as postponed the launch of the Home Pod until early 2018.


BlindFold Games Issue and Resolution


Simply put Apple App Store  staff refused any more new or updates from BlindFold because they said the games were all the same.  A lot of people gave feedback and now this somewhat idiotic decision has now been reversed.


Twitter and 280 Charactersµ


There was a bug in Twitter for iOS VoiceOver users where 140 characters was still the limit when 280 characters was introduced.  Now fixed.  However, Twitter for the Mac is still limited to 140.

Twitterific for the Mac allows 280 characters.

Podcast from me: Google Home Mini


Finally got my Google Home Mini and am really liking it: micro USB port, slide selecter switch for mic mute, no bass which is great for spoken word like radio and podcasts, and the small round size is great to stick anywhere in the house.  Still fills up a room with sound when playing music.  At only $80 compared to $200 for the Google Home, the mini gets my vote.


Visit to VisionAustralia By Microsoft’s Jenny Lay-Flurrie Chief Accessibility officer


Talking Tech 26th September 2017

September 26, 2017

In this weeks show, David catch’s up with Ray Pearse (a Vision Australia volunteer and a tech geek), to get his take on the iPhone 8 plus which was released last week from a low vision perspective.

David and Stephen talk a bit about IOS 11, and a disturbing issue concerning using Siri on the new Apple watch series 3 where Siri doesn’t read out all the information on the screen.


Talking Tech 19th September 2017

September 19, 2017

This weeks talking tech is all about the Apple Keynote held on the 13th of Sep Aussie time.

Stephen and David discuss the Apple watch series 3, the Apple TV 4k, and of course the 3 new iPhones - iPhone 8 and 8 plus and the iPhone X (pronounced ten).

All the info about these new products can be found on Apple’s website:

Next week David, Stephen and a Guest (Ray) will be talking about the new release of iOs 11, TV OS 11, and Apple watch os 4 which is due for release on the 20th of September.