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Talking Tech 11th May 2021

Talking Tech 11th May 2021

May 11, 2021

A Follow-up About AirTags and Privacy


I think the bottom line is, yes you can initially track where the AirTag is, but if it stays away from you, there will be a notification to you or others near by.


My Demo of Setting Up and Using an AirTag


Setup and initial demo.


A Quick Review of the Echo Dot 4 Generation and Echo 4 Generation


Excellent sounding speakers, love the shape, and the buttons are even easier to find on these round models.


Sonos Roam


Physical description of device.

Quality of sound.

How it is controlled.

App, Alexa, Google, Airplay 2, Bluetooth.

Great accessibility of the Sonos Ap.


Vision Australia Vision Store Exploring Tech Webinar with David Woodbridge - Braille Solutions


Now up on the Vision Australia Youtube channel.


Orbit Writer is now back on the Vision Australia Vision Store


This is the very portable, 5 BT and 1 UsB connected device Braille input keyboard: excellent for data entry and navigation for iOs, Android, Windows, and Mac.


A Reminder, If you have a Smart Phone, You can use it as a Video Magnifier for Reading Print


This goes both for Google/Samsung, and Apple smart phones or tablets, just search for magnification or low vision and you should fine more than several.


iOS Microsoft Sound Scape, Now with the  Current Location Button


Don’t know how long this button has been there, but getting proper location with Suburb is a lot more meaningful when you are on a train using Sound Scape rather than just what street or facility is near by.

Talking Tech 4th May 2021

Talking Tech 4th May 2021

May 4, 2021

AirTags and Accessories


Ok I forgot to say this in the show but - “may the Fourth Be With You” grin.




I cover:

What the AirTags are,

A physical description of the AirTag,

The easy setup process (including Naming and Emoji),

Using the AirTag Play Sound button to locate via “sound” in Find My/Items Tab,

The Amazing Find Near By function which Guides You to the AirTag in Find My/Items Tab (what a game changer for people who are blind or low vision),

Accessories for attaching AirTags to items,

How many AirTags you can have on your AppleID, and

Cost of the AirTags.


Here is my link to a demo of the AirTags: setup and use:


All of the software Updates are Here from Apple


Including the:

 ECG function on the Apple Watch now being available in Australia,

Unlock your iPhone via your Apple Watch if FaceID detects you are wearing a mask,

The annoying Voice 1 and Voice 2 choices for voices used by Siri,

 and Voice Control now supporting English Australia.

Not much to report really in the other OS’s.


Samsung Galaxy Unpacked April 2021


Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book 360.


Windows 10 ultra note books with LTE/5G, sorry but not that exciting, and of course, no Audio Description.

Talking Tech 27th April 2021

Talking Tech 27th April 2021

April 27, 2021

Apple April 20 2021 Event


Apple Card Family (if only the Apple Card was available in Australia smile).

Podcast subscriptions.

Updated Purple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini.

Updated Apple TV with new Siri Remote.

Updated iMac 24 inch with M1 chip, 24 inch screen, 7 colours, and Magic keyboard with Touch ID.

Updated iPad Pro with M1 chip.



Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast Appel Event April 20 2021


From CNET, All the Other Items That were Rumored 


Other Stuff from Apple


iOS 14.5, iPad OS 14.5, Apple TV 14.5, Mac Big Sur 11.5, and Watch OS 7.4 is due out this week.

iOS 14.6 beta 1 is already being tested by developers.

Talking Tech 20th April 2021

Talking Tech 20th April 2021

April 20, 2021

Apple Event for April 21 Wednesday in Australia called “Spring Loaded”


As we miss this event, we’ll catch up about it in next weeks show.

Remember you can follow me on Twitter @dwoodbridge where I’ll be certainly retweeting or commenting about the event and perhaps some new hardware that I’ll want to get my hands on.

In the meantime, here is the link to the Apple Event page where you can watch the live event and access past events.


Register for My Next Exploring Tech Webinar - Braille Devices


As usual, the last Wednesday of the Month from 12.30 to 1.30 



Register at:


Assistive Technology Survey 2021


This survey is for folks in Australia or New Zealand who use Assistive Technology to better show case and urge further development of good design for websites and apps.


It is Here - From the Developers of Feer - Sonar Islands


I’ve only done the tutorial and practise island, but looks very interesting and lots of fun.


Microsoft Acquires Nuance


Aimed at accelerating its cloud health strategy.


Microsoft Windows Insider Update Build 21359


A small, but significant change, Ease of Access change to Accessibility, bringing Windows in to line with other OS: Mac, iOS, and Android: i.e. Accessibility is located in Settings/Accessibility.


Apple TV Plus Now on Chromecast with Google TV


Select and install the Apple TV Plus app on the Chromecast with Google TV, and sign in with your Apple ID, and off you go.


Find Your iPhone via Google Nest


Just say Ok Google Fine iPhone and your iPhone on which you use Google Home will play a notification to allow you to find it.


BrailleSense 6 Webinar Demo from HIMS InC


A good demo of this new BrailleSense from HIMS.


Vision Australia radio Live Listen Page


Offers easier access to listen to the various online VA Radio stations.

Talking Tech 13th April 2021

Talking Tech 13th April 2021

April 13, 2021

Whoops, A Belated Happy Birthday to Apple April 1 1976


On Apple’s Birthday each year, I always tend to look back fondly on my first Apple computer which was an Apple IIE: CPU and keyboard in one unit, single floppy disk drive, and a very tiny monitor. For access, I used an Echo synthesiser, TextTalker software, and several talking programs like WordTalk.


Tech Friday for Newcastle April 2021 - Smart Home Tech


Andreas, Rebecca, Ray and I share our smart home tech we use plus some other suggestions.


Video Link:


Exploring Technology with David Woodbridge - In the Kitchen low and High Tech


In my latest Exploring Tech Webinar for March, in the Kitchen, Alex, Tony and I share low and high tech ideas for working in the kitchen.


Video Link:


Product Video from Me - Victor Reader Stream


In my continuing product video series on my favourite products from the Vision australia Vision Store, this one is a mini get up and going with the Victor Reader Stream which allows you to play daisy books, take recorded notes, read documents, listen to podcasts and radio stations online.


Video Link:


Vision australia Vision Store product link for the Victor Reader Stream:


Code Jumper Now Available on the Android Google Play Store


Code Jumper which is the physical series of pods to teach the concept of block programming for students available from APH and developed by Microsoft, now has it’s Code Jumper software available on Android, not just Windows 10 computers.

Tip - like Windows 10, your screen reader (Talkback) will speak out of the Hub speaker on Android as the Code Jumper Hub which the pods are connected to acts as a hBT head set.

Whole setup works extremely well.


Android Play Store Link to Code Jumper:


Vision australia Vision Store Product Link for Code Jumper hardware link:


Code Jumper website for All tutorials, Curriculum etc:


Smart Tab Plus



The new way to find items from Samsung.


How to Find 3rd Party Accessories Using Apple’s Find My


3rd party support for Find My Items Tab in Find My from Apple, still no sign of AirTags.


All the Best Head Phones for Working at Home in 2021


This article which goes through a variety of head phones is just a good reminder what is available and at different prices.


How Often Should One Shut Down Their iPhone


Looks like at least once a week.


The Latest Trade in Deals for Apple Devices in Australia


The old story, the longer you wait to trade something in to upgrade, the less the trade in price is. However, I think having a backup to your iPhone by keeping an older one around is still a great idea.

Talking Tech 6th April 2021

Talking Tech 6th April 2021

April 6, 2021

Read Aloud and Immersive  Reader in Microsoft Edge on the Mac


Really like using the feature, press F9 to strip out all the code of an article and just leave the text (Immersive Reader), and use Shift+Command+U to launch Read Aloud.

Read Aloud is great especially with the Microsoft Online Natural Sounding Voices.     


Apple Announces WWDC 2021


The next World Wide Developers Conference will be held on the 7th of June in the US.

The OS’s will be announced for developers as usual and who knows, we might get a hardware announcement as well.


AirTags from Apple Still Coming


Speaking of announcements, AirTags are still a sort of rumour. However, in the Mac OS Big Sur beta that I am using, the 3rd Tab in Find My has Item, which I’m assuming is all about keeping track of your Items using 



Feedback About my Issue with Hand Off Between HomePod and iPhone


Looks like I’m not alone, 3 other people have reported the same issue that I have and that older phones concluding the iPhone SE 2020 worked, but their iPhone 11 and 12 didn’t.


How To Adjust Siri’s Volume on the HomePod or HomePod mini


Thought I actually knew how to do this, but I was incorrect.

say to Siri Increase or Decrease Speaking Volume or Speak At Volume 50 percent to adjust Siri Voice volume on HomePod or HomePod mini.


Another Siri Tip


Enabling Type To Siri on Mac or iOS under Accessibility comes in handy in the middle of the night when you are using your Mac, want to use Siri, but don’t want to get caught by your wife speaking out loud smile.


In iOS 14.5 Beta 6, Siri Gets New Voices and won’t default to Female


Users will now be prompted to choose what voice to use, this change also extends to the Mac. All part of Apple’s diverse and inclusive design.

The link to the article below has a sample of all of these voices plus explaining the changes.


Microsoft Shuts Down Cortana app for iOS and Android


Well that is officially it for using Cortana on iOS and Androin, the apps are no longer supported by Microsoft.


Apple Fitness Verses Google Fit Apps


This article explores why you may want to use Google Fitness which only became available to iOs users recently, even though it has been around for 6 years on Android.

Of course, if you are an Android user, this the Google Fitness app is pretty good indeed.

Talking Tech 30th march 2021

Talking Tech 30th march 2021

March 30, 2021

O’dear, Another Security Update for iOS, This Time IOS 14.4.2


Guess Apple is keeping all the bad people out.


Blind and Low Vision Australian’s Shut  Out Off COVID Vaccine Finder Website - Article from the Guardian


Honestly this doesn’t surprise me, and whilst there are automated test systems to test for web compliance, you need humans to do the real test.


A $15 US Remote Replacement for the Not So Good Apple TV Siri Remote


Yes, buttons and no touch screen what so ever.


Calls TV Series on Apple TV Plus




A haunting Scifi TV Series in the vein of the Twilight zone based around seemingly random phone conversations with only audio wave forms on the screen: fully Audio Described.

Very much like watching a radio Scifi drama back in the day.


Apple TV Plus Official Trailler of Calls


Anyone Else Having Issues with Hand Off Between iPhone and HomePod


Oddly enough at the moment, I can hand Off between my iPhone Se 2020 and my HomePod by bringing the iPhone close to the speaker, oddly this doesn’t work on my iPhone 12 Pro.


A Note About The New Talking Bathroom Scales from Vision Australia


I received mine last week and noticed 2 things that the manual states and which seem to be incorrect:

The unit takes 2 AAA battery’s not 3, and

There is no actual button to change units of weight measurement (actually no button).

I also had to chuckle in the manual under Care the following line:

Do not drop or beat the device.


Mac OS X turns 20


Amazing it has been around for 20 years, but still good to note that VoiceOver did not actually appear until 2005, and before that with System 9 for the Macs, there were no screen readers.


Talking Tech 23rd March 2021

Talking Tech 23rd March 2021

March 23, 2021

My Next Webinar - Exploring Technology Webinar Series with David Woodbridge - in the Kitchen


Myself and Alex will be looking at low and high tech gadgets plus some tips for cooking and organising in the kitchen.


Registration link is:


A Bit Of A Play Around With Talkback On My Samsung S10 - Including Voice Control


I must say using Talkback now on the Samsung S10 at least in my case is quite enjoyable, and easy to use.


Basic gestures are similar to VoiceOver on iOS: eg flick left or right, then 1 finger double tap.


I do like the angled gestures that Talkback still has and which aren’t that really hard to remember:

Flick up and Left, Home

Flick down and right, back

Flick up and right, global menu

Flick down and right, Talkback settings


In this new version of Talkback, we are now able to control Talkback and basic system commands with our voice.

The gesture is:

Flick right and up, Voice Control.

After the gesture you can say:

Home, takes you back to the Home Screen,

Back, takes you back a screen,

Recent, for recent apps

All apps, takes you to the all apps screen,

Notifications, takes you to the notifications centre

Assistant, launch’s the Google Assistant.

Faster, speaks faster

Slower, speaks slower


The fact that you can completely customise all the gestures of Talkback is fantastic, especially if say you want to mirror some commands from now the non existent Voice Assistant screen reader.


VIP Code Reader For Android


I mentioned this on Talking Tech quite a while ago now, which uses the sonar feature (similar to Seeing AI Product Reader) for detecting QR codes, just tried it on Android with my S10 and it works just as well.


Lookout for Android - Similar App In Function to Seeing AI App for iOS


Functions include:

Explore, object recognition

Food labels, bar code?

Text mode, short OCR text

Document, full OCR

Currency, identify Australian  bank notes?


Play Store link:


Look out doesn’t support Australian bank notes (nor does Seeing AI for iOS), I suggest using CashReader for both Android and iOS.






Amazon Echo Show 10 3rd Generation Now Available


Didn’t know this was coming out, may have been just arriving in Australia, but its an Echo Show with a camera as well plus all the other new stuff.


If You Are Low Vision, How To Tell if Caps Lock Is On Or Off On Windows Or Mac


I’ve been getting this question a few times lately, especially with more and more folks buying external large print keyboards, and not being able to see the indicator lights on the keyboard to the state of the Caps Lock key: i.e. if you are about to just keep typing in all capitals.

I was quite surprised to see it is an accessibility setting in Windows, but not on the Mac, on the Mac you need a 3rd party app.




Part of the Ease Of Access Centre in Windows 10, check out the following link on how to set this:




Download this utility which will give both visual and audio notifications if Caps Lock is on (Capsys)


AirPods Max Firmware Update


Recently Apple released a firmware update for the AirPods Max (C39) which fixed the battery drain issue when the AirPods Max are in the smart case (or as I call it Smart Pouch).

This update is automatic, but if you want to check, you can go in on your iOS device: Settings, General, About, and check out the AirPods Max current firmware, as I understand, when you are using the AirPods Max, the system will try and update.


Free Audio Books you Can Play on Google Smart Speakers: BookReader


Of course, you can also use the Google Assistant on your smart phone or tablet to do this as well.


The website the App/skill BookReader is based upon is at:


All the public domain books are from:


The command to invoke the app/skill is:


:Talk to book reader”,  And then say the name of the book.


Here are some suggestions to get your imagination going with these public domain style books, some amazing classics to enjoy again.


Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Grimms’ Fairy Tales

English Fairy Tales

Myths And Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome

Anne Of Green Gables

Black Beauty


Treasure Island

Story of the 3 Little Pigs

The Happy Prince And Other Tales

Frog Prince And Other Stories


Jungle Book

Snow White and the 7 Dwards

The Little Match Girl

Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

Peter Pan

Wind In The Willows

Voyages Of Doctor Do Little

20 thousand Leagues Under The Sea

Call Of The Wild

Journey To The Centre oOf the Earth

Around The World in 80 Days

Sea Wolf

Hound of the Baskavilles

Study in Scarlet

Sign Of The 4,

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Tarzan of The Apes

Princess Of Mars

Wood Beyond The World

The Well At The Worlds End



Gulliver’s Travels


Time Machine

Secret Garden

Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

39 Steps

3 Ghost Stories

Dragons Secret

Thing From The Lake

12 Creepy Tales

Invisible Man

War Of The Worlds


Cosmic Computer

Origin Of Species

The Headless Horseman

A Silent Witness

Magic Skin

Star Born

Talking Tech 16th March 2021

Talking Tech 16th March 2021

March 16, 2021

CSUN, Not That Exciting After all


I didn’t pay for the conference, but only attended the Exhibit Hall.

Website for getting to exhibitors could have been done better, seemed to have a maximum of 100 people in a Zoom Room, sometimes got wait for host to admit you to the room which never happened etc.

Other exhibitors just had pre-recordeed videos you could watch.

Overall a bit disappointed.

Like to hear what you thought, as always, send your feedback to:


Newcastle Tech Friday for March 2021


Using QR codes, LIDAR, Lookout for Android, Audio Description, Apple Pay, and other discussion points.


Voice Control on iOS Using VoiceOver


Voice Control is very handy on the iPhone with VoiceOver.

You do get better results if you use head phones.

Turn on Voice Control in Settings, Accessibility, voice Control.

You may need to set Voice Control Language to United States rather than Uk in Voice Control Settings.


Podcast demo of using Voice Control with VoiceOver on the iPhone:


Handy Voice Control Commands:


What can I Say? (Need to use VoiceOver to read screen.


Go To Sleep,

Wake up,

Go Home,

Go Back,

Scroll Left, Right, Up or Down,

Open App Switcher,

Open Notifications Centre,

Open Control Centre,

Open AppName,

Open Siri,

Open Spotlight,

Tap or Press NameOfControl,

Turn Up Volume,

Turn Down Volume,

Repeat X Times,

Search for ItemName,

Command Mode,

Dictation Mode,

VoiceOver Select Next Item,

VoiceOver Select Previous Item,

VoiceOver Activate,

VoiceOver Read All,

VoiceOver Stop Speaking,

VoiceOver Select First Item,

VoiceOver Select Last Item,

VoiceOver Select Status Bar,

VoiceOver Magic Tap,

VoiceOver Select Next Rotor,

Voiceover Select Previous Rotor,

VoiceOver Select Next Rotor Option,

VoiceOver Select Previous Rotor Option,

VoiceOver Item Chooser.


HomePod Discontinued, Apple Focusing on HomePod mini


The original HomePod never got a hardware update since it was first introduced in 2017, and I think the bottom line was it was to costly compared to other smart speakers on the market.

Really does make more sense for Apple to focus on the $149Au HomePod mini.


iOS 14.41 ReleasedFix’s Mantis Q40 Connection Issue


According to APH, the Mantis Q40 connection issue has been resolved.

Along with this of course, a fairly major security bug also got squashed.


BlindDrive - New Exciting Game for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows


Exciting new game game for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

Fully self voicing once you enable Accessibility mode on iOS or Mac, haven’t tried Android or Windows.


Podcast demo of BlindDrive:




Vision australia  AT Help Desk


Just a Reminder you can contact the VA AT Help Desk on 1300 847 466 or via

Talking Tech 9th March 2021

Talking Tech 9th March 2021

March 9, 2021

A Reminder that the CSUN COD Tech Conference 2021 on this Week


As we spoken about last week, the free Exhibit Hall is open from Wednesday to Saturday our time in Australia with the hours of opening being up to 2PM Sydney time, giving us a civilised time to attend.

All you have to do to attend is to register, and again, it is free.


New Vision Australia Talking Microwave


Simple to use with only 4 buttons, 15 volumes, and best of all it is only $600.


Product Shop Page:


Video Demo of Features and Benefits


Arkon Kitchen, crafting, videoing etc smart phone Stand


This is now available in the Vision Store by phone order at the moment, my best stand I’ve used yet and keep using.

Product ID is ES0115.


Vision Store Youtube Channel


Here is the direct link to the Vision Store Youtube channel where all my product videos are including the demo of the New Vision Australia Talking Microwave, and my Exploring Tech Monthly Webiknars.


Exploring Technology Webinar - Apple Accessibility and Beyond


The Feb 24 Exploring Tech Webinar with David Woodbridge - Apple Accessibility and Beyond - is now up on the Vision Store Youtube channel, here is the direct  link:


Next Exploring Tech Webinar with David Woodbridge - In tThe Kitchen


Alex and myself will be going through low and high tech stuff for you to use in the kitchen.


Registration page:


Demo of Using Airdrop from Mac to iPhone and iPhone to Mac


AS I am doing product videos for work, this is how I get the videos from meh iPhone to my Mac, and more often than not, when I need to read articles on my Mac, I usually sent them to my iPhone to read.

This demo is exactly about this process.


Comments on my new Braided Solo Apple Watch Band


There are two types of Solo Bands: the Solo Band, and the Braided Solo Band.

The Solo Band is the cheapest, very much like the Sports Band, whilst the Braided Solo Band almost reminds me of the Sport Loop with the Loop and Hook.

Having one continuous band for my Apple Watch that I can just slide on and off is very convenient.

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