Talking Tech 17th April 2018

April 17, 2018

In this weeks show, Stephen and David catch up with Michelle Eunson (Strategic Business Development Manager) Vision Australia about the Vision Store, and her recent trip to the CSUN Technology conference earlier this year and what this means to Vision Australia and the products sold through the store.

The store can be accessed by: 

1300 847 466.

David catch’s us up on his experience with his new partners iMac and comments upon how easy it was to use the Migration Assistant to transfer content from the older iMac to the new system.


Talking Tech 10th April 2018

April 10, 2018

We finish off a discussion from last week concerning the Os updates across Apple devices.


Aira - sighted support through a smart phone/smart glass’s via a subscription service in the US, starts pilot trial from May 1 in Australia, New Zealand, and Uk.  The pilot will not include the smart glass’s (will be using the smart phones camera), and will cost $89 for 200 minutes per month for the length of the pilot (6 months).

For Further information or to sign up for the pilot commencing from May 1 2018 use the following link (NB spots will be limited so you may not get in):


David talks about Sam, is named Samsung Powerbot robot vacuum cleaner that he has had now for several months.

A great way of keeping the house clean, particularly when you have a dog inside.

For further information on the Samsung Powerbot vacuum cleaner, use the following link:


Speaking of recent or new gadgets, this week David talks about his soon to arrive iMac which is quite nicely spec’d out.


Finally for this weeks show, David and Stephen talk about the Autour GPS app for giving meaningful information on what is around you: very similar to the Sound Scape app which is currently available in the US.


Talking Tech 27th March 2018

March 27, 2018

Blind Bargains Website Now Putting up Their Audio Interviews from CSUN 2018


Audio demos so far: Commute Braille E-reader, , ElBraille, NuEyes light weight wearable Smart Glass’s, Buzz Clip V2.0, 

Two notetaker announcements via Blind Bargains - BrailleSense Polaris Mini, and the ElBraille 40 is now available.


Community Sourced List of CSUN Presentations in Google Docs


Announcing FlickType Keyboard and Looking for Beta Testers


The Official Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018 App - A Good Example of an Accessible App


A Little Tip I learnt at Work: Use a Headset with your Phone to Voice Answer Calls


Product Highlight from Vision Australia Vision Store - Olitech Easy Mate+ Large Print Mobile Phone


A simple large print mobile phone with a talking keypad and easy to read display with no bells and whistles.


Apple Proposes New Accessible Emoji’s


Talking Tech 20th March 2018

March 20, 2018

Microsoft Hack for Good Sydney 

March 8 and 9 2018 (in conjunction with Social Ventures Australia)


I was lucky enough to attend and judge Hack4Good at PwC’s Barangaroo offices last week with 12 of Microsoft’s  partner organisations participating hosted by David Masters from Microsoft.

The event focused on hacking solutions for people with disabilities.

There  were three winning teams: Humanitix who are transforming their event platform so that those with a disability can clearly communicate their accessibility needs to event organisers, Clinic to Cloud who proposed a personal disability passport to easily communicate with service providers, and PwC who explored the use of Microsofts cognitive services to clearly communicate the emotions of users during a  Skype call for those who may not be able to see or hear.

With one in five Australians living with a disability today, it was inspiring to see the commitment to accessibility from Microsofts  partner community. 

A big thanks to PwC for hosting the event and to Leonie from the Deaf Society of NSW, Rocco from KPMG, Kenny from Microsoft, Dianne from Social Ventures Australia and David Masters for their invaluable guidance to Microsoft  teams over the course of the hack.


Skype Accessibility from the Skype Blog


From the Skype blog, Microsoft will be working hard to improve accessibility of Skype arose iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, and are urging people to give them feedback.


A Reminder the CSUN 2018 is on This Week


If you use Twitter and you want to follow what is going on with CSUN, follow the Hash Tag CSUNATC18.

We’ll have lots to talk about next week from CSUN.

A great resource for news and audio interviews from CSUN 2018 is Blind Bargains who will be bringing us news and interviews.


Apple’s first Coding Session for Blind or Low Vision Students at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually  Impaired March 7 2018


Apple Experts visited the school and took students through coding in Swift Playgrounds to flying drones.


Apple’s Education Event in Chicago on March 27


We have know idea what the event is about which is being held at a  school in Chicago and is aimed and creativity for students and teachers, , but chances are that because its education, we’ll see new iPads, and MacBooks  announced.


WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) Apple Set for June 4 2018


As this is a software developers conference, we’ll see updates across all of the OS platforms - iOS, Watch os, TV OS, and Mac OS.  Rmour is that Apple will be focussing mainly on security and stability improvements in iOS 12.


JAWS 20108 Update March 15 2018


I think the great improvements in this update of JAWS is that JAWS can now unmute the sound card via JAWS key plus Escape (JAWS’s screen refresh), drivers for the Orbit reader, and added  a new layer command to turn Screen Shade  on/off JAWS key plus Space plus F11.


Google Assistant now Available on the iPad


Just search for Google Assistant on the App Store on your iPad and you can start using the assistant the same way you can use it on your iPhone.


Tell Me About vision Australia Now on Google Home


Information about Vision Australia and our services can now be obtained from Google Home, just ask:

Hey Google Tell me about Vision Australia.



Talking Tech 13th March 2018

March 13, 2018

A bit of a mixed bag this week for Talking Tech, with a number of Topics concerning Microsoft.


New Exciting App from Microsoft - Sound Scape


A Survey from Microsoft for Android Users for the Seeing AI App


CSUn Conference March 19 to 23 2018


Microsoft Sessions at Csun 33 from March 19 to 23 2018


Microsoft Experimental Game App playable by Any One


Microsoft Joins Be-My-Eyes app to provide Tech Support to Blind and Low Vision Customers


New Look for the Vision Australia Website


Amazon Acquiring Ring (Video Doorbell)


Repeat Timer For Apple Watch


With the Little Ben app that became inaccessible a month or so ago for timing yourself with auto/haptic vibrations, this app takes it place quite nicely, and is excellent for presentations.


Smart Speaker Survey US by Loup Ventures


Seems as if most people use their smart speaker for playing music and checking the weather.


Talking Tech 6th March 2018

March 6, 2018

In this weeks Talking Tech, Stephen and David catch up with Tony Wu from the Vision Australia Vision Store to talk about IrisVision - the weirable magnification solution.

For further info concerning IrisVision, contact the Vision Store at Vision Australia on 1300 847 466, check it out on the VA Store online shop at or visit the iRisVision web site at


Talking Tech 27th February 2018

February 27, 2018

A number of topics this week includeing:

Skype Becoming Less Usable

Odd thing happening from Microsoft. Whilst they put heaps of effort in to Seeing AI, Microsoft Office etc, they are doing the exact opposite with Skype accessibility and usability across platforms.

USB Power Points

I am finding switching over to UsB power points in my house amazingly fantastic.
Besides the fact I have a UsB port in most areas of the house where I sit or sleep, it also means I have been able to do away with having power boards full of chargers on the floor.

Farago - New Sound Board from Rogue Amoeba for Mac

This is one of this applications that puts different sounds into recordings etc such as drum roll, breaking glass, person screaming in fear etc. so if your a podcaster and you want to have a bit of fun, this Mac app is for you.
Oh and by the way, my signing off this week was done by Ferrago.

Whilst talking about Rogue Amoeba, AirFoil from the same company which pipes audio from your Mac to various AirPlay speakers in your house, will also work with HomePod.
Also, I discussed just having updated AirFoil to V5, that it will also play to Chromecast devices, so I can now use one interface to play to my Chromecast and AirPlay devices.

Yes, I Now Have an iPhone X

Just sharing some thoughts on the iPhone X now that I actually own one. I still find Face ID very clunky and most of the time still have to enter my pin to get in to the phone.

The Apple Watch Sports Loop Band with Loop and Hook

I just purchased this band, and had to let folks know that this band is amazingly comfortable. Like the other Sport bands it retails for $79.


Talking Tech 20th February 2018

February 20, 2018

In this weeks talking tech, Stephen and David spend most of the show talking about Apple’s new music/smart speaker, HomePod.

To have a read of David’s thoughts and access the podcasts on the HomePod, go to


David and Stephen also share some feedback concerning what listeners would like to hear on further episodes of the show.


Talking Tech 13th February 2018

February 13, 2018

Google Playbooks Now Offers Audio Books


Note, on iOS you can search for and sample books, but you can’t purchase them as Google wants to avoid paying Apple 30 percent, so use the website for Google play Books or just use Google Play Books on Android where you can sample, put them on a wish list or buy the book.


Demo of playing Google Play audio books


Link to the Google Play Store


Google Disability Support Email


Email - response within 72 hours.




Remember to checkout the iOS AccessWorld app to get the current and past issues of this magazine.


HomePod Pre-Orders from Jan 27 and Available Feb 9 2018


Will be interested to hear if anyone is purchasing a HomePod.

Both multi room and dual stereo will be coming later this year.

The HomePod will retail in Australia for $499.


A Great Siri Tip for Checking Battery Status


Just say Hey Siri “what is the battery status of all my devices” or replace all devices with AirPods, Apple Watch or iPhone.


Jonathan Mosen’s New Daily Fibre Tech Show on Mushroom FM

Heard in Australia at 7AM and 7PM repeated.

No podcast available, but you can record the show on various devices including the Victor Reader Stream.


Switch Control on iOS and Sharing Same Switch’s between Other Devices


Intro podcast from David.