Talking Tech 9th May 2017

May 9, 2017

David’s  Twitter Top Followers List


One of the ways I try and keep up to date with tech story’s that are relevant for blind or low vision is to read specific tweets from specific organisations or individuals.  To make this a easy, I have made a top-followers Twitter list.


If you are a Twitter user here is the list link:


A Correction on one of David’s Podcasts re the YourType Keyboard


 Issue with NumPad Commander not working with Modifier Keyss. If you listen to the podcast concerning the YourType keyboard VoiceOver only partially works at the moment so don’t go out and buy one if working with the modifier keys (Shift, Control, Option or Command) are the keys you want to use, over the keys that do work (the num keys themselves plus the 0 key as a modifier key).


Talkback 5.2 officially released for Android with new audio feedback, verbosity settings, interface to magnification.  


This update really does make Talkback much nicer to use, I’ve even turned my sounds back on.  The audio feedback sounds are much more gentle and discrete, having different verbosity settings is a great feature, and having the screen reader interface with the inbuilt magnification so you can tell when it is on/off or when magnification is changed is very useful for low vision folks that want the benefit of using both screen reading and screen magnification.


Microsoft Announcement re Windows 10s


Main concern with Windows 10s is the fact that only apps will run from the Windows Store, which begs the question, how do 3rd party apps such as screen readers run on Windows 10s? Hopefully in the coming months we’ll learn the answer.


Quantum RLV selling El Braille


Good to see another note taker on the market.  El Braille comprises a docking station, Focus 14 Braille display, and JaWS for Windows.  The best thing about this modular design, is that if you have one of these options already, you don’t need to purchase anything else.  Contact Quantum RLV for further info: 1300 791 777.


An interview with Danny from Quantum RLV on the El Braille on Vision Extra:




Zoom Us: Accessible Webinar Platform


This will open up possibilities for all: for those that want to host a online webinar or participate in one.  Seems to be fully accessible.


Blind Side Episode 33 with Jonathan Mosen


 Jonathan does an introductory demo on the Sony Bravia X80000D TV running Android TV which uses its own screen reader (plus other accessibility features).  Another option out there for accessible TVS.


Catching Up about Netflix


Audio Description comes up as a category in Netflix for iOS, Apple TV, and Android: this may be old news for some, but first time I have heard of this.  If you go down to the bottom of the category list you’ll find Audio Description: when I checked last, there was over 360 content items listed.


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